Innovation Across Our Estate
Trialling Tomorrow’s Tech

Canary Wharf has been created through a pioneering spirit. That spirit continues to guide and shape us as we become the city of the future.

London is predicted to grow by 1.3 million people by 2030. Rising urban populations will demand that cities of the future radically transform how they operate. People will need to live, travel and behave in new ways. At Canary Wharf, we can use our unique advantages to trial the technology of the future – creating a blueprint for the future city and enabling innovation that will change the way we live forever.

Self-driving cars show the way around Canary Wharf

Driverless cars will soon be on the streets of Canary Wharf. Addison Lee is currently trialling self-driving car technology from start-up Oxbotica, where cars are creating a 3D map of Canary Wharf for future vehicles to use. With more people than ever before working, living and visiting here, we need extra capacity for people to move around. Once the trials have been completed, driverless cars could be introduced in London by 2021.

Canary Wharf was the site of the UK’s first 5G trial in 2018

5G is coming

Canary Wharf became the first UK location to use 5G in 2018. Trialled in partnership with EE, 5G uses brand-new technology and radio waves to deliver the fastest, most reliable mobile connectivity ever seen, with a far greater throughput of data than present technology. The next-generation technology, which can achieve data speeds 100 times faster than 4G, will be a vital part of the UK’s digital infrastructure and key for the development of future smart technologies, businesses and products.