Keeping our Estate Secure
Ensuring Safety in the Modern World

In a time of heightened security, with new and different threats, ensuring the safety of people who work at or visit our Estate is imperative. We make sure we have the systems and procedures in place to maintain security at all times and protect the 120,000 people who travel here every day.

people work at Canary Wharf – rising to 200,000 by 2030


We take security extremely seriously, continually preparing for risks and the management of security issues. Our focus is on creating places where people feel safe and comfortable to go about their business without intrusion or disruption. Understanding any potential risks is key to our ability to protect people and avoid any disruption. We focus on information security as well as physical security, ensuring our information systems are as secure and resilient as the Estate itself. We continue to enhance information and cyber security controls across the organisation, and to align controls to industry best practice. Work to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is well under way and should conclude in 2019.

Canary Wharf is also the only location in the UK outside the Houses of Parliament and Heathrow Airport to have 24/7 fire coverage. Our fire safety managers are all former members of the Fire Service; we ensure our estate is as safe as possible by deploying the highest-spec fire safety features. All tenants are offered fire safety training, and there are regular security and fire drills.

Our 2018 progress

Our targets are designed to ensure that our people play a key role in the security of our Estate.
Our 2018 progress
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