Creating the City of the Future

What does the city of the future look like? How will it differ from today?

The answers can be found at Canary Wharf, where innovation and technology are creating a template for the sustainable city of tomorrow.

We may live in uncertain times, but there are some things we can be sure of. We know that the city of the future will be smarter, more data driven, more sustainable. An intelligent, innovative, connected place where creativity, well-being and biodiversity flourish. A place where a circular economy ensures sustainable growth and where smart technology provides innovative solutions for the problems of today – and tomorrow.

The city of the future will also be about far more than just the buildings – it will be about its impact on wider society, and the community that lives and works in and around it.

This vision is what drives Canary Wharf Group to lead the way in creating tomorrow’s city, not only on the Canary Wharf estate but across all of our developments. We’re implementing this through embedding sustainability from the ground up, and by listening to and engaging with our stakeholders. We call it Making Sustainability Real – our strategy to create, by 2030, a true city of the future. A place for everyone, led by sustainability, built on innovation.


To implement our vision, our strategy brings together all the principles required to deliver a city of the future. Our strategy is based around four pillars:

Evolve – how we are making great places

Include – how we are promoting inclusive growth

Pioneer – how we are pioneering innovation

Optimise – how we are optimising our performance

These pillars are underpinned by Lead, managing our business with integrity and responsibility, and Measure, the rigorous controls we put in place to monitor our performance and progress.

Through these pillars, we are driving the creation of a city that is Circular, Positive, Innovative, Responsible and Measured – the city of the future.